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The legendary Pontikonisi, a green rock in the middle of the sea, is the trademark of Corfu. The most photographed attraction of Corfu has got its name by tiny size. You can visit Pontikonisi by boat that begins from Canoni which is set right across. There are scheduled routes during the whole day.

Old Fortress, Corfu

In the east of Old Town is found the first fortress of Corfu, an architectural masterpiece of fortress art that dates back in the byzantine and Venetian periods. The exceptional position has offered additional strategic advantages to the defenders of the city as it was almost inaccessible. In order for you to visit the entire place, you will have to pass from tunnels as well as two ditches. And naturally, your final destination is one and only; the impressive battlements from where you can admire the magnificent view of the Old Town and the sea.  


All walks in the lovely Old Town begin or end at Liston. Dozens of cafes and restaurants, are roofed under the large arched covered passageways with the superb arches or "voltes" as people of Corfu are used to call them. There, in the west part of Spianada square, they form the most beautiful attractions both for natives and tourists. Liston is the cosmopolitan center of town.

Church of Agios Spiridonas

The church of Agios Spiridonas is one of the most significant post-byzantine monuments in town and constitutes a pole of attraction for every visitor. Once you enter the church, your look will be captured by the ceiling which depicts scenes derived by the life of Agios Spiridonas as well as the Gospels. The saint’s relic is kept in a luxurious silver shrine of the 19th century which is set on the right side of the inner sanctuary.

Old Town

The Old Town of Corfu constitutes one of the treasures of Greece, a model of ancient byzantine and Venetian art that knows how to impress you, thanks to the constant alternations among narrow alleys and big panoramic locations. The buildings, constructed the one next to the other, are made of stone without any use of concrete while they all have handmade wooden attics and roof tiles. The tourist is enchanted not only by the buildings themselves but the entire prevailing atmosphere, especially after the sunset. The innumerous timeworn winding alleys (kantounia) together with the old buildings lead to the enormous Spianada square with the long rows of buildings with arcades, an obligatory stop during your stroll.

Achillion – Palace of Queen Sisi

Achillion is undoubtedly one of the most important attractions in Corfu, located in Gastouri village, 9km away from the town of Corfu. Achillion was built in the 19th century upon Empress Elisabeth’s, commonly known as Sisi, request. It is a neoclassical building, constructed within a verdant land. It has a marvelous garden with plenty of statues of archaic style. The most famous statue is Achilleus Thneskon (Dying Achilles) by Herter which presents Achilles being in the throes and trying to take the arrow out after having been hit on the heel. The statue was made in 1884. Inside Achillion, the visitors can admire the exquisite murals and paintings which adorn the reception areas.